• BREXIT - Draft Withdrawal Agreement

    16 November 2018

    Dear Constituent,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding Brexit.

    The Prime Minister has delivered a Draft Withdrawal Agreement which “takes back control of our borders, laws and money, it protects jobs, security and the integrity of the United Kingdom”. The Agreement respects the outcome of the referendum and takes fully into account our economic interests and the livelihoods of British citizens.

    The Draft Withdrawal Agreement is available to view on the government website here:
    and explanatory notes are available here:

    There have been calls for the terms which are finally agreed to be put forward in a second referendum.  That would not be the right course.  The referendum in 2016 was advisory but so are all referenda because no Parliament can bind its successors.  The crucial factor is the trust which must exist between those who serve in Parliament and those who elected them.  It is true that very many people participated in the march last month, perhaps some 700,000 individuals, but it would not be right in consequence of that march to set aside a referendum in which over 30 million people voted, trusting that the outcome would be implemented.  I was for remaining in the European Union but my side did not win the day in the country or in Central Devon.  I accepted the result then and I do now.  Most Members of Parliament share that view, as the overwhelming majorities achieved for Brexit enabling legislation have shown. The United Kingdom will leave the European Union in March next year.
    The Draft Withdrawal Agreement is not the final deal and there are negotiations, not least on the future relationship, to come but the Prime Minister has put the national interest before all else to reach this crucial point, she will continue to do so and she has my full support.
    Thank you again for writing to me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mel Stride MP

    MP for Central Devon

    Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster General