17 September 2019

    Dear Constituent,

    Thank you for writing to me.

    I recognise that a no-deal Brexit would be difficult and I firmly want to avoid that outcome. I was for remain in 2016 but accepted the result. I am resolute in the view that Brexit must be implemented and I believe it can still be delivered in an orderly manner with a deal. The best way to ensure that we do leave and do so with a deal is to continue our negotiations with the EU27.

    As you will know, I voted with the Government in recent days. I do not think that some of the procedures undertaken in the last fortnight or so have been helpful to the objective of securing a deal but I do respect those of my colleagues who decided to support them. I doubt no Member’s sincerity in acting as he or she thinks best for his or her constituents and country. There can be no question that the Government will respect the law and the Government has made it clear that it will do so. The Supreme Court will decide on the lawfulness of the current prorogation and Parliament will be recalled if necessary. If Parliament returns on 14 October as planned we will be close to the current Brexit date but there will be sufficient time for Parliament to have its say.

    Thank you again for being in touch.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mel Stride MP

    MP for Central Devon