Mel Stride

    CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has welcomed several measures being introduced by the Government as part of a new Litter Strategy to tackle fly-tipping and general littering. These include getting offenders on community sentences, including people caught fly-tipping, to help councils to clear up litter and fly-tipped waste, fines of up to £150 for individuals caught littering and better distribution of public litter bins to make it easier for people to disperse of their rubbish. Mr Stride said:

    “Three local authorities in my constituency - Mid Devon, West Devon and Teignbridge - spend between £319,000 and £1,340,000 a year on street cleansing, with a lot of this being spent dealing with litter. We will never be able to stop every thoughtless individual who litters without any regard for our environment, but by providing councils with more assistance and making it easier for people to discard their waste we can help keep our communities tidy and protect local wildlife for whom certain types of litter can actually be quite dangerous.”

    Mr Stride also welcomed the creation of a new expert group to look at further ways of cutting the worst kinds of litter, including plastic bottles and drinks containers, cigarette ends and fast food packaging. The group’s first task will be to consider evidence from schemes that reward the return of plastic bottles and drinks containers.