Mel Stride

    PRIMARY SCHOOL pupils at Blackpool Church of England School in Liverton met the village’s local MP today (14/07/17) as part of their study into politics and the recent General Election. Central Devon MP Mel Stride answered questions on how Parliament passes laws and how Members of Parliament represent their constituencies.

    Shakespeare Class Teacher, Adam Peters, explained:
    “In exploring this topic the children have researched how elections work and learned about the Houses of Parliament. Meeting an MP and Government Minister today helped make it all seem a lot more real.”

    Mr Stride added:

    “Instilling an interest in our democracy at an early age is hugely important and I was very impressed with how the topic was being taught and how engaged the children have been with it. I offered to host a return leg with the pupils travelling up to Westminster and hope this can be arranged in the next few months.”

    Blackpool Primary School has 315 pupils and was judged to be outstanding in every category in its last Ofsted Report – described by Mr Stride as a “superb achievement”, particularly given that the Government has made the grading criteria tougher.