Mel Stride

    CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has praised the ‘Wellbeing in Small Business’ campaign being run by the Federation of Small Businesses from 18-29 September. The new initiative aims to help its members – and the wider small business community across the UK – ‘reap the benefits of a positive approach to wellbeing’, to improve health, productivity and reduce absenteeism.

    Mr Stride, who launched his own business from scratch and ran it for more than 20 years before entering Parliament in 2010, said:

    “This is an excellent initiative from the FSB. As anyone who has owned or run a small business knows, there can be a lot of difficult days among the rewarding ones, but businesses don’t need to go it alone. There is a lot of support out there, for example from the FSB, the mental health charity MIND and the NHS and there is much evidence, both from a business and health perspective, that finding the time in busy and often difficult work environments to consider wellbeing is important and worthwhile.”

    Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, said:

    “Owning and running a business can be hugely rewarding. However, it brings with it demands, responsibilities and risks that can bring personal pressures that can impact a person’s health and wellbeing. Wellbeing can help increase our productivity, improve our performance and reduce absenteeism. There is a clear business case, however, the benefits are felt just as much in our health as individuals, but also by our communities and the wider economy.”