02 November 2017
    Mel Stride

    CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride met with Alison Hernandez, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly to discuss a range of policing issues. At the top of the agenda was the challenges of rural crime and how rurality is taken into account in the police funding formula – an issue Mr Stride agreed to take up as part of his ministerial role as Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

    Ms Hernandez said:

    “I’m always keen to explore new ways of resourcing policing so it was good to discuss with Mel about the role that business rates can play. Many businesses tell me that they would like more support from the police to tackle crime and that’s why I’m producing a Business Crime Strategy this year. However, unlike the Fire Service, the Police have not been funded by business rates for a number of years now. I was keen to explore if this could be reconsidered by government as an opportunity to enhance resources for policing.”

    Mr Stride added:

    “Alison is quite right to be making the case that police forces with highly rural areas face many unique challenges, including the sheer amount of ground to cover, response times to isolated communities and agricultural theft. All avenues should be considered when it comes to ensuring our forces have sufficient resources to do their job effectively and I will look very carefully at the issues we discussed.”

    Mr Stride is encouraging residents within the Mid Devon part of his constituency to take part in a public debate on the future of policing in the district on Monday 6th November between 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Phoenix House in Tiverton. Ms Hernandez and local Policing Commander Superintendent Sam De-Reya will be there to take part.

    Photo: Central Devon MP Mel Stride with Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner discussing how rurality is taken into account in the police funding formula.