Mel Stride

    6TH FEBRUARY 2018 will mark the 100-year anniversary of the first women being granted the right to vote through the Representation of the People Act. The Conservative Member of Parliament for Central Devon Mel Stride is celebrating the milestone by urging women in his constituency to put themselves forward for public office.

    Mr Stride said:

    “I am very proud that the first woman to sit in the House of Commons was a Conservative and we elected our first female party leader 43 years ago – something still yet to happen in the other major UK political parties. But all parties need to do more to encourage women to stand for public office and I’m delighted that there was cross-party support this week for the House of Commons motion to allow MPs who have recently become parents to nominate a colleague to cast their votes in Parliament on their behalf. This is an important step forward and will be particularly beneficial to new mothers.”

    With the next round of District Council elections due in May 2019, Mr Stride is encouraging more women to put themselves forward from all parties. He continued:

    “At the last set of local elections in 2015 the Conservatives fielded twice as many female candidates in Central Devon as Labour and the Lib Dems put together. More than 40% of our candidates were women and nearly two-thirds were elected, and they have since done a brilliant job representing residents across our constituency. I hope more women will come forward and stand for all parties in 2019 and we can continue to increase the number of women in public office at every tier of Government.”