Mel Stride

    CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of an additional £20.5 billion a year for the NHS. In a speech last week, Theresa May outlined plans to develop a long-term plan for the future of the health service, underpinned by an offer which will see the NHS budget increase by £20.5 billion in real terms by 2023-24.

    This equates to nearly £394 million a week, and will support the NHS to make the right decisions for the long-term, setting it on a sustainable path to continue delivering world class care. In return for this investment, the Government will ask NHS leaders to ensure every penny is well spent and continue to cut out waste and inefficiencies.

    Mr Stride said:

    “The funding the Prime Minister has announced will result in average annual increases of 3.4% for the NHS, significantly higher than Labour’s offer of 2.2%, which they said would ‘restore the NHS to be the envy of the world’. This major boost in funding will benefit services up and down the country and the provision of a multi-year funding settlement makes it easier for the NHS to plan for the long-term. Taxpayers will be asked to contribute more in order to help fund this increase, but this is necessary given the huge increases in demand from an ageing population and growing problems like obesity.”

    The Prime Minister stated that some of the extra funding will come from money we no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union, delivering a promise that Leave campaigners made during the EU referendum.